Royal matic Outdoor gas light

Create your own atmosphere with
Royal matic Outdoor Terrace Gas-Light 

Our Royal matic Outside Gas-Light  offers you – through all seasons –
a magnificent light and comfortable heating on your terrace.

The modern styling, a black lower part made of stainless steel combined with resistant glass panels create a safe combination of light and heat.

Unlike traditional electric lighting, gas-lights produce a much softer light, making gas lighting the perfect way to provide a romantic, elegant feel to any outdoor setting.Premium fire Toledo 1

Makes your terrace an even more pleasant place to be.

Lighting time aprox. 60 hours with a 11 kg propane gas container.
Gas-consumption 163 g propane/hour.

Dimensions : 46 x 46 x 152 cm, incl. wheels (bxdxh) Packing size : 50 x 50 x 85 cm
Weight size : 27 kg

Outdoor Gas-Light features:
combination of light and heat
strong and modern styling
removable and stable
safe and environmentally friendly low maintenance 

Price 399,00 € including IVA.
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