Eurom infrared heaters

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On your balcony, terrace or in the garden. When the Spanish evenings are getting a little chilly, heading into autumn and winter, there is now no need to go and sit inside. Let’s help the weather a little bit, with the Eurom infrared heaters. With these heaters we can enjoy the outdoor much longer, whether you are on the cost of Marbella, Barcelona, Valencia or Sevilla, or living in Cordoba, Madrid or Zaragoza. Clima Heating Europe SL will deliver Eurom infrared heaters throughout the whole of Spain.

For the inside we would recommend our heat art (R) panel heaters. For the outdoors we have top brand Eurom.

A infrared heater of 2000 Watt will comfortably heat 16 square meters !!! The heart of the infrared heater is very often the HeleN infrared lamp made by Philips. With a normal use, it will give you 15 years of healthy warmth, and a romantic glow like the sun going down.

Immediate heat at the flick of a switch. Infrared heaters warm up the people and not the air. No loss of heat through draught, Free of emissions, means, no direct CO2- and NOX-emissions, Infrared-heaters produce, warmth and comfort without polluting the environment.

As efficient as the Sun
Like the sun, the infrared heater warms the human body and not the air. This is one of the reasons that this is one of the most economic ways to warm yourself on your terrace, balcony or garden. As opposed to conventional heat lamps and gas heaters, this has several advantages: Without preheating the air, you immediately enjoy the warm sensation, which saves both time and money. The infrared heater warms up without noise or odour and warms a range from 15-20 square meters. The operating cost with an output of 1,4 kilowatts and depending upon electricity tariffes not even 16 cents per hour. The installation and handling of the Eurom heaters (which is made of weatherproof aluminium) is very easy. Mount it horizontally from the ceiling or on one of your walls.